My name is AdriAnne but you can call me Adri (ay-dree). I am married to the handsome guy in the photo up there, and that tiny human is Alice. She's been here since 2017. 

I should have known this was where I would end up: telling stories and helping others tell their story. When I was younger I loved to read and hear and watch captivating tales of all types. I was engrossed with the way people acted, reacted, loved, lost, and transformed. And I loved to tell my own stories weaving words to get laughs, tears or both at the same time. 

I studied English for many years and then taught for a few all while I told my own stories in a tiny corner of the internet. In all this time I discovered how important it is just to tell a story. It isn't enough that it happened or keeps happening, it needs to be brought to life and then given a place to live. I hope that this site will be that place for my stories, some of your stories, and maybe even our story. Welcome, I hope you'll say hello sometime, I can't wait to meet you!