A significant experience. Well wouldn't you want to say that your life was a significant experience? Considering that it is such a small blip of time on your eternal radar, the whole thing should be significant. But while you're living here all you see is here. You can never fully understand the magnitude of your existence and therefore do not appreciate this physical, earthly, temporal experience for what it is: significant. I cannot write about my entire earthly life as most of it has not yet been lived. Therefore I will heed to the call to write about a single moment in this grand experience.

The earth circled the sun, just like every other day. I took a shower like I would every other day. I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and washed my face like I would every other day. Although today, through most eyes, would appear like every other day, I knew that it was not.

It was early, before the sunlight had come over the hill to yet again rest on the Holy City. I walked between the stone walls as though they were the paths of the home I left behind. I walked this way because this place had become just that, my home. Realizing I was fantastically alone I began to sing. Most would not react in such a way on any other day, but today was not any other day. Seeing the view I was blessed with, would bring tones of love, remembrance, and praise to the vocal chords of any heart and mouth capable of creating sound.

I believe in Christ, He is my King!

With all my heart, to Him I'll Sing;

I'll raise my voice in praise and joy in grand amens my tongue employ.

As I sat and looked out at the city that was the Savior's home for a short period of time, I began to wonder if I knew He was alive. Was that a truth that had been etched into my heart? Was this truth to me? When I declared in song that 'I know my Redeemer lives' did it burn through every fiber of my being? I read from the scriptures the agonizing story of the Savior's Atonement, His death, and then joy warmed my soul as I read of His resurrection. Yes he died, there is no question about it. But even brighter shines the truth that He lives again. He walked from the tomb with life and breath in him as real as the stone beneath my feet. I know that my Redeemer lives. What comfort this sweet sentence gives.

An overwhelming confirmation of His life washed over me. I not only felt appreciation for Him and his sacrifice but for my own life. To be grateful that I was given such a wonderful gift. How marvelous is it that I chose to come here. That I wanted to be with my Heavenly Father so badly that I knew what I was putting myself in and I still said, "Send me, I'll do it. I'll make it back. I'm willing to do what it takes. So send me."

Then, the burden of responsibility follows. The obligation to do what I'm here to do. I have tasks to fulfill. Granted if I don't do it, someone else might but my life was designed for my benefit too. I have opportunities waiting for me that if I don't take advantage of, I'll be the one with the greater loss.

I looked up with reaffirmed testimony in my spirit that I know that Christ is alive. He lives, he lives who once was dead. After the agony and the pain and the heartbreak of my death will come greater joy than any could imagine. When the Savior comes again and I am resurrected how great it will be to feel the joy of perfect life.