The reach

Well something I have thought about a lot this week was why it is so hard to form a habit but so very easy at times to get rid of one and vice versa. I think it has something to do with good and bad. Because it seems to me that bad habits stick, and good habits are like trying to catch a bowling ball covered in Crisco. I have been recently worried about my spiritual habits and my worldly habits. Not to say that spiritual=good and worldly=bad, but maybe a little bit. My worldly habits are taking over my life. Like in that horrendously lame movie where the earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, my life is the earth in that movie. So where is my dang Tom Cruise?

It’s like when you set your pen down on the table and it starts rolling off the edge. You reach as fast as your reflexes go and desperately grasp the edge of the table just as the pen drops off that mini-cliff...and it’s gone. I am as of right now, reaching. I set the good habits down for one planck unit, a single planck unit. That is the smallest measurable unit of time. I looked it up. But I did this. I set them on the table for that miniscule amount of time. My good habits go a-rollin' off the table and I am left here, with my hand outstretched in slo-mo time, reaching, hoping that I can get to them before they fall and are gone forever; before I have to reach down to the floor and pick them back up again.

In a way, the reach is a blessing, in a way it's a wake-up call, and in a way it is needed.

I have been found reaching. Have you?