You're Irrational

When I tell people what I'm afraid of, they generally tell me that it is an irrational fear.  This just simply isn't true.  Let me tell you some reasons why it isn't irrational:
  • I have nightmares about it
  • In those nightmares, I cry
  • That should be justification enough
  • Sometimes I wake up crying, and continue to cry until I realize it was a nightmare
  • This is actually happening to someone very close to me right now, and I tell her often how sad I am for her and her loss and I frequently mourn in her behalf
  • It is not uncommon that I fall asleep praying that this doesn't happen to me
  • If this did happen, I would cry for days, nay, weeks.  
  • Then I would attempt to embrace it
  • And then I would fail
  • The fear of this has been a catalyst to fearing the following things:
    • new foods
    • pregnancy
    • a bad grade
    • an important test
    • stress
    • anxiety 
    • breathing the wrong air
  • See why it's not irrational?  
If you can guess what it is I'll give you five dollars.  Seriously, I will.  Put it in the comments and I'll come find you.