A Book I Read

Don't take this as any sort of announcement. I had been told that this book had a lot of good adult life lessons regardless of whether or not you had a baby. So no, I am not having a baby.

And those recommendations were right. This book was full of insightful research and ideas about how to live a happy life, and a life that benefits not only others' personal growth, but your own growth as well.

Pamela (I like using first names rather than last, when referring to authors after I've read their books) reflects on breaking tradition and what is gained and lost when one chooses to do so. I think the loss part is okay. Some might think they can go through life and never lose anything and only make gains, but in my long 27.67 years of wisdom it's that in every gain there are some losses. But those losses can have positive influence and you and those around you.

By flooding her opinions with research, Pamela is so convincing in her notions about making changes. You should always be searching for the best things for you and those around you. Seeking them out will make you a better person and make life more enjoyable.

Amen, sister.

Here is a link to buy the book on Amazon.