Father's Day

I wanted Tyler's first Father's day to memorable. The most obvious and best way to do that was to take ourselves and our 2 month-old baby camping, obviously. It was a surprise and probably the best one I've pulled off in our relationship. When I want to surprise Tyler I usually get too excited and start giving hints and make a face like the emoji that looks like it's showing it's teeth to it's BFF to check for food. You know the one. But this time I kept it hidden till the night before.




IMG_6805The bean did well her first night away from home. Her high-waisted sweats probably helped.



IMG_6818We wandered around the lake and the forest and cuddled by the fire.



Just showing his girl the great outdoors.


This was breakfast. After several egg casualties and some poor planning on my part this is what we ended up eating. In case you're concerned for Tyler's health (and Alice's), don't be. I'm very good at getting take out. There just isn't much take out in the wilderness.

IMG_6856Shiny faces and smoky-smelling clothes before we left.