Ireland is for...

My sister and brother-in-law are living in Ireland and we were BLESSED to be able to visit them last month. Ireland is a gorgeous country. The sea, the forests, the hills, the doors, and everything between is beautiful!

The first couple of days we spent exploring the coast, a couple beach towns and some of downtown Dublin. Some had colored homes and some had colored doors. They were all so charming.

Dreamy coastal homes
A little hike with the fam. My parents were there at the same time which was so fun!

Cute pregnant sissy!

When you forget the timer is on while you're trying to take test shots.

Fishing Boat

Alice did so well on all the hikes. She's a gem.

Waiting for trains and sleeping on trains.

Exploring Downtown Dublin

Pub life
Gelato life
 Our last few days there, we took a little trip up northwest just the three of us. It was so beautiful and so fun!

Our "little" Airbnb

The harbor of the little town where we stayed.

Sheepies on the cliffs by the Wild Atlantic.

Slieve League Cliffs
 The photos obviously don't convey how wild the Wild Atlantic really was. The waves were constantly and mercilessly crashing into the cliffs. It was beautiful and scary and awesome.
It was incredibly windy up there! As in I fell over several times on this cliffside and my face was soaked in windblown tears. Alice slept through the whole thing. Mostly.

One of several rainbows that appeared while we were there.

Spray coming off the top from the waves below.

We spent a lot of time on this little beach right behind the house we stayed in. It was heavenly.

Blurry and grainy, but happy!

It was magnificent to say the least. 

And look at that little bean ready for her 10 hour flight.