Christmas 2017: Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Our first Christmas with a baby was kind of a strange experience. We anticipated it a lot. Several people asked several times what Alice wanted for Christmas. Well she's 8 months old so what she'd probably want Christmas day is a couple of good naps and a full tummy. 

I think we dreamed that she would magically understand the gift giving and the Christmas story and be able to appreciate the day. But she's a baby, so that didn't happen. 

Christmas joy!      
 The whole present thing didn't really land this year but we didn't expect it to. There was a lot of lap sitting and wondering what all these packages of paper were.
Christmas came and went and while there may have been a couple of exciting moments in Christmas jammies or frosting sugar cookies, for Alice it probably just felt regular. But that's what she likes so she probably still thought it was a pretty good day.

We traveled with my family to southern Colorado and it was so fun!

 My family started a Christmas Eve dinner tradition while I was growing up or after I'd grown up. A while ago. We (try) to have traditional food of the time when Christ was alive and eat without utensils or electricity. We turn down the lights and light candles. It is delicious and cozy and brings back a lot of memories of studying in Jerusalem.

It's definitely different having babies with us now every time my family gets together. There is a lot less spontaneity and late nights, but probably more kisses and hugs and watching babies do funny things. 
Holding grandpa's leg...
We also had our family's first Gingerbread house contest. It was surprisingly REALLY FUN! 


We also took some new family photos. Also different with babies, but they're all still little so not that different.