Larsen Post

I'm starting new little series. And when I say series I mean I'll probably do this once and then forget that I planned to do it regularly so really it's not a series its just a one time thing. But maybe not, maybe I'll actually do it more than once.

I'm calling it the Larsen Post. As in the British definition of post, cause it sounds cooler, but also a little play on the online definition of post. They'll just be little life updates, snippets of the happs over here at our house. You know, stuff nobody cares about.

This last week and some days Tyler had Spring Break. He finished another quarter of school and now he only has two left. TWO. FOR REAL! This is so exciting!

We always like to celebrate a break and finishing another round of finals by going out for dinner and usually dessert. It's always Tyler's choice since he's the one who accomplished something and he always picks ice cream. This is the one time every 3-4 months that we go to ColdStone.

On Tyler's breaks from school he likes to design and build stuff. And usually sometime over the last three months I've come up with some other piece of furniture or decor that we 'need.' This time we wanted to redo our dining chairs that Tyler built a long time ago while we were still in Utah.

If you've seen our dining chairs you know they are uuuuuuglaaaaay. For some reason when we stained them the stain was extremely red once it dried. I didn't like it so I wanted to paint the chairs a different color. Well the seal we put over the stain must not have been enough because the stain changed the color of the paint. It was a very light gray with a minuscule tint of blue, but when we painted over the presumably sealed stain the paint over time has turned into a weird yellowish green color. It's bad.

So we wanted to sand them down to the raw wood again, stain them the correct color, and upholster the seat and back. Well Tyler sanded a lot and now they look much better. But we tried to find a fabric to upholster with and there really was nothing we loved so that project stopped. If you have any recommendations for upholstery fabric please let me know!

Once that train stopped we decided I would try to work a ton this week since Tyler was available to watch Alice.


We also went on walks every evening and made treats and watched movies. It has been a grand ol' spring break.

Now on to the next!