How to Avoid Post-Holiday Regret and Despair

Lucky for us we’re still in school (grad) and get nice long breaks when the holidays come around. We also get a mountain of debt in about 6 months so that may be the trade-off.

ANYWAY whether you’re in college or ‘older person college’ or are the CEO and get to take off whatever days you choose there is a slippery slope to post-break regret and despair. That’s an official term, I’m sure.

It’s easy, once you’re free of your normal every day obligations, to wake up whenever you want(or when your children want) and just go with what you feel. That seemed great to me until several years ago. I was so excited about having so much free time and enjoyed not having a schedule I had to stick to, that I ended up doing a whole lot of nothing.

However, once I got back to my every day routine I realized I hadn’t really done much of the things I’d anticipated and hoped to do while I had all that free time.

Now we have a few techniques that ensure we get the most out of our breaks. We get to relax but we also get to do all the things we anticipated leading up to the break.

We generally take the first day or two of a break and do whatever we want. We sleep in, make yummy breakfasts, watch movies or our favorite shows. Sometimes we straighten up the house, and put things away we’ve(I’ve) been saying we’d put away for a while. Sometimes we do those pesky housekeeping tasks that we can never find time for: car or home maintenance, errands we’ve been meaning to run. Mostly whatever comes to mind.

Then we sit down a couple days in and make lists. We each list things we’d like to do during the break both fun and not-so-fun. I usually have a bunch of work to do to pay dem bills and Tyler usually has a list of building projects.

And we have all of the fun things we want to do: get our Christmas tree, make cookies, go see the trees at the mall, go ice skating, drive around to see the lights, play in the snow (when the snow comes), build gingerbread houses.

Next we come up with kind of a daily schedule at least for the first week. Normally we probably wouldn’t make a legit daily schedule but Alice is here now and she needs someone to keep her alive so schedule it is!

And then we pick tentative days to do all the fun things.

The key to this is that we try to stay super flexible! If the schedule doesn’t work out or it snows and we want to go play in the snow instead of something else, we’ll do it! Easy peezy peppermint squeezy!

Pass it on!

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