Canada, Part One

Our trip to the Great White North was a magical one. We learned just shortly after moving here how close we were to the Canadian Rockies and decided we needed to make a trip up there before we moved away from here. Well turns out we should plan a few more trips up there before we leave because we really saw about .5% of what's there. Tyler and I take turns planning Anniversaries and it was my turn this year. Our anniversary was in May, but school, so we usually celebrate when the next break comes around. This year it was the end of June.

Day One

We started our 7 hour trek just after breakfast. We've driven through some northern parts of Idaho and love how dense the forest are up there and how beautifully green everything is. There are so many lakes and winding rivers that we drive along and I just really think we're lake people.

About an hour into Canada we stopped for lunch at this little park on the shores of Moyie Lake. There was hardly anyone there and it turned out to be the perfect place to run around, splash in the water, and stretch our legs. 

We got on our way and eventually made it to Canmore where we were staying for the week! We ate dinner downtown and played in the pool and watched Alice run around our little Airbnb.

Day Two

I wanted to see Lake Louise early in our trip just in case we wanted to go back another day. Turns out, all of the travel blogs are right, you should get there very early if you want to park near the lake. I thought maybe if we got there early afternoon it would have cleared out a little. I was definitely wrong. We parked at a satellite lot about 5K(I'm so metric) from the Lake and were bussed up there.

However we did attempt to drive in at first and on the way in we saw A BEAR! I real life bear in the wild and not in a zoo! It was right on the side of the road just chillin' and people are STUPID. There were so many cars pulled off the road right next to him, windows down, hanging out the window. AND there were people standing within 10 feet(not that metric, I guess) of him taking photos or just standing there staring. I get what an amazing thing it is to see a bear in the wild, but it's also IN THE WILD. There is no one to protect you from him, sooo maybe you should leave him alone. We drove past the bear, saw the lot was full and turned around to come back down. By the time we got to wear he was again there were two park rangers trying to protect him and telling people in a not-so-Canadian way to keep moving.

We walked up to the shores of Lake Louise and it is pretty stunning. I mean there is a small wall of people standing on the edge so we didn't see it right away but once we took our spot on the dock then we saw how stunning it was. 

We decided on a short, but fairly steep jaunt up to a lookout point. I was in a pretty terrible mood for some reason. Probably because it was blazing hot and uphill and Alice was SUPER tired and therefore the teensiest but whiny but #outmakingmemories amiright? Once Alice fell asleep on Tyler the hike was slightly more pleasant and I chilled out, also only slightly. 

At the top we ate snacks and marveled at the fake blue lake. the hue of turquoise-y, blueish, greenish(have we agreed on a color to call these lakes and rivers?) is much darker from above. 

Then Alice woke up and we were in a very steep, rocky place and Alice is a baby so she has no sense of impending death or danger. So then my chill instantly wore off and I was worried about her but also trying to take in where we were and that put me in one of my silent moods as Tyler so aptly named them. 

I continued to sulk around at the viewpoint until Tyler had had enough and told me to snap out of it so we could keep having fun. And the rest of the day was much better after that. 

We played in the freezing cold water and watched the canoes come and go and watched someone slip and fall into the freezing cold water. We took the shuttle back down and found a cute little place to eat dinner in downtown Canmore. 

Then we swam in our hotel pool, ate ice cream, snuggled and went to bed. I didn't take any pictures of all that though, too busy teaching Alice to kick, kick, kick!