Canada, Part Three

Day Four

We decided to heed the advice of the internet and get up early for the Johnston Canyon hike. This is one I really wanted to do and I didn't want to get stuck not having a place to park or having the trail be too crowded. So we got up early! And it paid off, one hundred percent!

I really don't think this hike or these photos need much explanation. The water is really that color, and so much of the boardwalks are over top the river, which was so fun!

It was a great hike to end the trip on! There were so many fun little 'secret' spots. Alice loved getting out of the carrier and 'hiking.' It was a good time. 

After the hike we went home and took naps. Then we went out for Poutine and hot dogs. And then we played in the pool and played some more around our hotel and then went to bed!

We drove home the next day in the rain because Canada was sad we were leaving, as were we.