Canada, Part Two

Day Three:

Today we went up to Banff to ride the Gondola to the top(almost) of Sulphur Mountain. After we booked our Airbnb I started researching what we should do and how to do it. Pursuit came in so handy when I was looking up activities and places to see. They had everything categorized and details about each activity as well as links to other helpful sites that might have more information than they did!

I asked them if we could help promote any of their activities while we were there and they sent us tickets to the gondola! I was a little wary of how fun it would actually be, but I was pleasantly surprised! Alice loved riding in the gondola car, if you watched my stories(they are saved in my highlights), you know that. She was giggling and ooh-ing and awe-ing at the other cars as they went by and I think she really loved being up high. 

At the top they have this little historical museum with fun facts about the mountain and Banff's history and some little displays and activities geared towards little kids. They have a couple restaurants and outdoor decks on all the levels of the building. 

Then they have this cute little boardwalk that goes out to the tippy-top of Sulphur Mountain. There is a little replica climber hut out there. It's so beautiful, you have a 360-degree view of the valley which includes the town of Banff and the rivers that run in and around it. 

We ate lunch up there and then headed down and back into Downtown Banff. It's pretty cute and has tons of little shops and restaurants. We got a Beavertail, which was interesting, as well as yummy. Like a thinner, crispier elephant ear loaded with toppings. 

Then we did the same thing we did the night before, swim, dinner, snuggle, bed.