Larsen Post, Vol. 3

THRICE! Three times I’ve written in a series now and it’s going well, don’t you think?

TYLER: Will be starting his LAST internship of his LAST semester in his LAST year of Grad School!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAA?!?!?!? I can hear the bells! Don’t you hear ‘em chime? I really don’t know that song well enough to quote it, but that’s basically how it goes, I think. I am exhausted of this school phase so I can’t even imagine what he feels, but he’s making it happen and I sure am proud. Let’s go get that middle-class money, boo! He’s also super good at being the fun parent since all I can muster is sitting on the couch all day. And Alice loves it so so SO much.

ALICE: “Daddy play! Daddy play! Daddy home! Daddy home!” All the live long day. She’s starting to put more words together into actual sentences which is basically the most adorable thing since the last adorable thing she figured out how to do. She loves to spin and dance and run. She loves Elmo even though she’s never seen a single episode of Sesame Street. She had a little bout of not eating anything that wasn’t ‘rice’ or ‘noodles’ or ‘oatmeal’ (and she probably will again) but I think she’s over it for now. She loves to play with play doh and color. She also loves counting and pointing out any letters she sees. And she likes to ‘play letters’ when we have our computers out, which means we open a word document and let her type all over it. She likes snow, most days, eating it and playing in it. She also says ‘love you’ back to us and asks for hugs regularly. And she probably does a hundred other cute things that I can’t remember right now.

ADRI: Is trying her best to finish and launch a writing course for business owners but it is slooow going. Hopefully it’ll be done soon. I am also very pregnant—27 weeks wishing it was 37, or 40. The baby moves a lot which is fun and only sometimes annoying. And I wish it was summer so I could be warm and we can play outside…someday.

Larsen Post, Vol. 2

I told you it wasn’t going to be a regular thing!

Let’s get this over with!

TYLER: Started at his first rotation of his last year of PT School. Can you smell it? Can you smell the end? Me neither. But I’m sure it’ll waft through here after Christmas maybe. He’s gone all day, which we are NOT used to after a very very long summer of minimal class time and class work and maximum play time. The first week was rough. Who am I kidding, it’s still rough. Alice chants Daddy and Da-da for at least the first hour of the day and at least a half hour after each nap. I don’t know when she’ll realize he’s not here in the morning anymore and secretly I don’t really want her to, it’s pretty cute.


ADRI: The coldness makes me sleepy and slower. I’m trying to figure out if I can make this ‘business’ thing work. Also wanting to do a lot more writing of my books. Which is a little closer to actually doing a lot more writing for my books, so we’re getting somewhere. Maybe.


ALICE: Tries to say a lot of words including colors and numbers as long as the color is green, purple or yellow and the number is three. She loves her animals and makes them all kiss each other and her and us a hundred times a day. She does a little hop and skip that’s not quite a run but too fast to be a walk and consequently is always tripping, she’s quite good at catching herself.


We still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween so send me your best ideas! Ya right! I know that no one gives up their good costume ideas, I never do! I love this time of year. And you probably just rolled your eyes. Doesn’t everyone love this? The coziness, the smells, the food, the togetherness of everything from football to friendsgiving! It’s all the best!