Oh Alice, Oh Christmas!

If you read this post last year then you know all about our Tree cutting/choosing history and now you can read this post all about a super interesting related topic that I know you care a lot about—how we decorate out tree. Thrilling, I know.


Growing up, my mom bought us an ornament or two each year that represented something significant that happened in our life that year. And then when I had a tree of my own to decorate I got to take all of those ornaments with me. Now we have most of those to decorate our tree with.

The first year we were married, Tyler sliced up the wood vases from our wedding and I put pictures on them and burned the year into the back. Pretty cool, right? They are probably my favorite ornaments.

We also decided a couple years ago that we’d put our polaroids on the tree each year so we could look at our memories and everyone that comes over could too.


And we have a few other random ornaments we’ve(I’ve) bought over the years. A sparkly ‘L’ for Larsen and some other ones I thought were cute.

I know many people hate putting lights on the tree (and I won’t rat anyone out here…), but I really really love putting lights on our tree.

I love filling every branch with way more lights than it needs and plugging them in at the end and watching the glow fill our living room, and pretty much our whole house cause the living room basically is our house.

I don’t know that I’ll ever buy a pre-lit tree because I just love it too much. And that would take all my light-putting-on joy away.

Do you love or hate putting lights on the tree? Do you already have a pre-lit tree? Do you feel that little piece of joy missing from your life because you don’t get to put lights on?

Also Alice decided that Tigger, Mickey, and Spongebob do not belong on the tree. They belong in her hands and her room and she screamed when we sneakily tried to put them on the tree where she couldn’t reach them.