The worst of 2011

In January I was surprisingly dumped by someone who I was actually not dating. Which is actually a difficult task so kudos to me.

In February speed dating came into my life and was quickly sent back out of my life after the longest 34 minutes of my dating years.

March was the month of a monstrous mistake that may have marred part of my near future for more than a brief moment. Also sally likes seashells that sing by the seashore.

In April I finished my first semester after coming home which made me dislike BYU for the time being. Also during these months the BYU basketball team made a little bit of history or a lot bit of history.

May was a month of unemployment which lead to an abundance of domesticity and running, which as you can imagine was incredibly unhealthy and mundane.

In June I ran 13.1 miles in less than 2 hours and was finally hired by a skincare company. Jessica and I attended an incredibly mediocre yoga/writing group. We were also locked inside of a Catholic church for an extended period of time.

In July and the surrounding months many happy events occurred but this is a "worst of" list not a "best of" list. I'll just leave you with some statistics: 3 rodeos, 3 outdoor movies, the end of Harry Potter (for real), 2 pro soccer games, and 1 nickelcade.

In August we trekked out to Oregon for the joining of families through the unyielding and infamous bond of marriage and love. Okay I would say something awful but that trip was awesome. Oh except that Jordan lost his golf clubs and shoes.

September/October were months of death by the lack of sleep and the copious amount of hours spent awake. Also I came the closest I have ever been to death in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

November was epic. 11/11/11.

In December came the realization that this year was not a waste. Clearly some bad things happened but I've had worse.


I asked him why I had to change my last name. Why couldn't he do it? Or better yet, why don't I just keep my last name?
You want to hear his brilliant answer? I knew you did so that's
why I'm making it public. Also because it will make you swoon.
Cause I want to have nothing that separates us, nor makes us seem distant from one another;

For our kids,
For the name on the sign at the end of the drive,
For our gravestone.
You know, after some rumination I came up with a few more reasons why I(after he said this I didn't even care about whether it was I or him that would take the others name) want to change my last name. But those are a secret.


So today I found this book on Pinterest and I laughed out loud, moved on with the rest of my day and didn't think much of it...

UNTIL I saw this later in the day on Pinterest (yes I frequent Pinterest):

I had no idea that Fairies had tails! I guess Tink just hid hers really well.
What I mostly feel is sadness. I am sad for the wonderful idea behind this so very well-executed project until it reached the very last word. Grammar was and is time and again the beast that conquers this beauty and so many others like it.