How to Journal Your Year in a Few Hours

Isn’t it daunting to look at your ‘journal’ from the year and there a few sparse entries when you had some profound thoughts or moments you felt were important. You see very little memory there and rather sporadic details with bits and pieces missing.

Well I’m here to rescue you! Did you forget to write in your journal all year? Do you feel like you did some awesome things but you just can’t seem to pin them down? Let’s fix that.

Supplies needed for this DIY:

  1. A smartphone or camera or both. Hopefully you have one of these two things. And hopefully it is the thing you’ve used to document your life all year long.

  2. A journal. Or paper. Basically something to write on that you’ll be able to tuck away in a safe spot for you or your loved ones to read several years from now.

  3. A pen. Or a pencil. Or a marker. Or a crayon. Although crayons are difficult to write with and hard to read later. And markers bleed a lot. And pencils smudge and tend to disappear over time. Probably best to just use a pen.

Alrighty roo. Now as the title says this may take a few hours but I promise it’s faster than binge watching Riverdale. Which if you think about it, is that show really worth it? I mean I obviously watched it, but would I watch it again? I think we both know the answer.

Step 1:

Open whatever photos app you use. Scroll back to January of this year. Now here’s the key, while looking at the photos if a photo triggers you to think about the surrounding circumstances or events of that photo, stop scrolling!

Step 2:

Write down the date of the photo in your journal.

Step 3:

Write a brief description of the event, of what you remember and who was with you. However, don’t waste time trying to remember exact location or exact things people said, etc.

Step 4:

Now write how you felt during that moment. Why did you take the picture? Why did you want evidence of this moment? The majority of what you write though should be how you felt about that moment AND about the people that were with you in that moment.

Step 5:

Continue scrolling until you see another photo that brings up a fuller memory.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 1-6 until you get to December.

DISCLAIMER: When I first started doing this, I got caught up in trying to remember every little thing about every picture, and it was taking longer than I thought. But by the time I was in February I was moving a lot quicker. Weeding through just the effort of remembering and the actual memories that were sparking my nostalgia. All this to say that if you start and you’re getting caught up in details, keep moving forward, you’ll get faster and it will get easier.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Well more like a tip, Tyler suggested that in addition, if you’ don’t already print your pictures, it might be nice to print the ones you write about and stick them in there with what you wrote. So feel free to do that, too!