Copy Strategy DIY

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Copy Strategy DIY


This will be your copywriting GUIDEBOOK!

You KNOW that you have a lot to say both about your products and your beliefs as a business but WHERE DO YOU EVEN BEGIN when you sit down to write? How do you get people to LISTEN to what you’re saying instead of scrolling by? How do you convey your passion and the desire you have to serve and make everyone else’s life a little easier? How do you connect with the people around you in a REAL way, but also in a way that makes them want to buy what you have to offer?


I created this strategy to give you the exact tools you need to be able to build trust and friendship between you and your customers, which is what will make them choose you and your product over anyone else! But I also created it so that you don’t ever need to feel lost when you sit down to write! You will not only know what to say but how to say it, which is just as important.

This Strategy will help you understand how your brand personality and principles fit into your sales pitches and product descriptions. It will show you the language you can and should be using and will help you better connect with your clients and customers.

Here is what the Strategy includes:

THREE sections of PERSONALIZED strategy including:

  • Division of Story strategy: In this section you will put the pieces of your brand and story into the pertaining sections of your copy where they are most relevant including Website Copy, Social Media Copy, & Email Copy.

  • Language & Experience Strategy: This is a table that uses your brand values and pillars to create personalized language for your copy. It also shows you what experiences in your life and business fit into your brand values and pillars.

  • Staying on Brand using your Hobbies: This will show you how to talk about the things you never know how to talk about because they feel off brand, but in reality they are huge trust and friendship builders with your people and should be used as such. And it’s also fun to talk about the ‘silly’ things that make you YOU!

THREE sections of SIMPLE, UNDERSTANDABLE, and ACTIONABLE sections that will help you:

  • Write first sentences and introductions that are WAY more interesting than, “cliché phrase that everyone uses, but I don’t know what else to say so I’m using it too” and will make your people stick around to hear what you have to say.

  • Structure your writing, and especially your captions, so your readers stay with you to the end, invest in the story your telling, and respond with more than a double-tap.

  • Speak to your clients and customers in a way that makes them feel not only welcome in your space but comfortable and catered to.

A GIANT table of story ideas organized by topic and filled with real-life experiences you can build from and use to connect with your audience and customers.

I know how badly you want to serve your customers and clients, and let’s be honest, how badly you want to make a living doing what you’re doing. The truth is that you need to CONNECT with those you’re trying to help. You need to BUILD TRUST, share why you’re so PASSIONATE about this, and keep giving VALUE! And the best way to do that is through what you say to those who are listening! MAKE THEM LISTEN by giving them something to LISTEN TO!


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