Thank You Cards

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You might think that Thank You cards aren’t important.

But that’s probably because you’ve never brought anyone to tears with a thank you card. Well, let me tell you, it is an exciting experience. And one I believe everyone should have. Also, if you’re taking the time to write someone a thank you card, and they’re taking the time to read it, then the card deserves to have at least a little more substance than we tend to give it.

Here is a simple formula for writing a Thank You card that will make someone put their hand over their heart while they make that endearing, ‘aww’ sound.

  1. Make sure you write their name inside the card and it is punctuated appropriately.

    ‘Sally!’ or ‘Sally—’ or ‘Sally,’

  2. You want to thank them specifically for what they gave you but keep it real and personal.

    For example, if someone gave you a beautiful serving bowl with blue flowers and a scalloped edge, please don’t write “thank you for the bowl with the blue flowers and scalloped edge.”

    Instead try something like, “Thank you so much for the bowl! I can’t wait to use it for our favorite chicken Alfredo.”

    The first sounds like you’re quoting whatever the gift list someone wrote for you says. The second sounds like you actually have plans to use it.

    Writing something personal about why you love the gift or how you plan to use it, let’s that person know you’ve given attention to the thing they thoughtfully picked out for you.

  3. Lastly, share something personal about your relationship with that person. Thank them for being supportive, for showing up for you, for making you feel welcome and loved, for remembering that you love blue flowers and scalloped edges, you get it.

And that’s it! The perfect Thank You card! I can’t wait to hear about all the tears you conjure up in others and all the ‘thank yous’ you get for your thoughtful and well-written thank you cards.